Saturday, August 28, 2010

I wanna Circlelord Contest Winner

I am pleased to announce the winners of our September contests.



"Purchasing the Circle Lord system was the best longarm quilting business decision I have made. I bought my APQS Millenium in the spring of 2009. With very little knowledge about longarm quilting, and even less about running a business, I decided to buy the Circle Lord system and several of the giant templates. Customers came running! They loved the beautiful designs, the quick turnaround, and the reasonable pricing. I loved that I could start quilting for customers right away, with no learning curve, and perfect results - every time. I now have the confidence to do custom work, and, of course, the Circle Lord small templates will play a front and center role in my custom work - now, and well into the future. Thank you Circle Lord! Caroline Berch, APQS Millenium Quilting for my many happy customers!"


Farmquilter Susan
"I don't have a Circle Lord, but I would like to get the system so I can quilt quickly and perfectly on my customers' quilts. As a professional longarm quilter, time is money, so, if I could produce high-quality, consistent quilting with a CL, in a shorter period of time, that would be fabulous! I quilt on an Innova 18" on a 12' frame."

Tell us in 100 words, more, or less, why you want Circlelord products.

Please say what quilting machine you use, and how long you have been longarm quilting. Do you quilt for others, or just for yourself?

Author's full name must be posted with comment.

Each person commenting will get a discount on their next purchase dependent on the total number of comments posted. Circlelord and Templates included

20  Comments   15%  Discount on one purchase
30  Comments   25%

Shipping and handling extra

$500  Credit for comment that best represents the Circlelord brand.

For more information look at INDEX AND PRICE LIST
Call Toll Free 1-866 -510-6060
Contest will end September 30, 2010. Comment winner will be announced October 15th.
Discounted orders can be sent in anytime after comment has been published.

Payment Plan is valid for these orders. Number of months will depend on the amount. Subject to negotiation. Maximum 12.

Discounts will not be valid for past purchases.
Discounts cannot be used with other offers.
Not valid for APQS Front Stylus system.

Comments can be composed in Word, or Notepad, and then copied and pasted in comment form.
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