Saturday, August 28, 2010

I wanna Circlelord Contest Winner

I am pleased to announce the winners of our September contests.



"Purchasing the Circle Lord system was the best longarm quilting business decision I have made. I bought my APQS Millenium in the spring of 2009. With very little knowledge about longarm quilting, and even less about running a business, I decided to buy the Circle Lord system and several of the giant templates. Customers came running! They loved the beautiful designs, the quick turnaround, and the reasonable pricing. I loved that I could start quilting for customers right away, with no learning curve, and perfect results - every time. I now have the confidence to do custom work, and, of course, the Circle Lord small templates will play a front and center role in my custom work - now, and well into the future. Thank you Circle Lord! Caroline Berch, APQS Millenium Quilting for my many happy customers!"


Farmquilter Susan
"I don't have a Circle Lord, but I would like to get the system so I can quilt quickly and perfectly on my customers' quilts. As a professional longarm quilter, time is money, so, if I could produce high-quality, consistent quilting with a CL, in a shorter period of time, that would be fabulous! I quilt on an Innova 18" on a 12' frame."

Tell us in 100 words, more, or less, why you want Circlelord products.

Please say what quilting machine you use, and how long you have been longarm quilting. Do you quilt for others, or just for yourself?

Author's full name must be posted with comment.

Each person commenting will get a discount on their next purchase dependent on the total number of comments posted. Circlelord and Templates included

20  Comments   15%  Discount on one purchase
30  Comments   25%

Shipping and handling extra

$500  Credit for comment that best represents the Circlelord brand.

For more information look at INDEX AND PRICE LIST
Call Toll Free 1-866 -510-6060
Contest will end September 30, 2010. Comment winner will be announced October 15th.
Discounted orders can be sent in anytime after comment has been published.

Payment Plan is valid for these orders. Number of months will depend on the amount. Subject to negotiation. Maximum 12.

Discounts will not be valid for past purchases.
Discounts cannot be used with other offers.
Not valid for APQS Front Stylus system.

Comments can be composed in Word, or Notepad, and then copied and pasted in comment form.
Comments will be moderated for spam

If you cannot enter comments, email them to use and we will enter for you. 


Kay & Michael said...
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Sue in MO said...

I'd love to win a Circle lord! I just found out that they existed - don't know why I didn't know before. I have been doing long arm quilting for about 3 years now. I do some quilting for others but not a lot - this could change that! I have a Gammill Premier. I could get my feathers to actually look like feathers!

Sue in MO

Busy Quilting said...

I have the basic,
but wanna, wanna, wanna have more.
The freight is a breaka
Will it fit in a suitcase for sure?

If it will then I'm hooked,
With an order for more, more, more.
To pick up at Houston
And then take touring off shore.

I wanna up-front,
I wanna crosshatch.
Then Michael brings out
A Wonder Filler batch.

I wanna this
I wanna that.
I hope I win
So I can wear a Circlelord Hat.

Lyn Crump
Busy Quilting in Australia

patty said...

I wish I had a circlelord. I see so many design possibilities. I have a V17 and a stretch frame and I would love to increase my design repertoire. What a great innovative product. I have owned my system for 5 years but have only used it for 3. I do quilt for others which brings me new challenges.

Patty in WI

Val said...

Why the Circle Lord you ask?
I'm hoping that when I start using this great tool in my day to day quilting I will feel like "I,ve died and gone to heaven"!!! I have been machine quilting for about 9 years, previously owning a APQS Ultimate 1 and upgrading to the Milli just this spring. I have tried the competitors product and found it to be so much of a challenge that it has sat in the corner of my sewing room for so long I have lost parts to it. When researching for long arm machine add ons I found nothing but positive reviews and decided the Circle Lord is worth a try. I currently quilt only as a hobby for myself but did do some custom quilting for a few years. Currently I have about 20 tops to put together and have become very bored with my all over free hand meandering so with the CL I'm hoping to reduce the pile adding "pizzaz" to my newly quilted tops. My friends describe me as being a "perfectionist" and I can not seem to get feathers and individual block work to meet my expectations, my hope is the Circle Lord will change all that! Winning this contest will allow me to purchase even more "creativity"!
And, since my company's trade name is "Endless Possibilities" the Circle Lord will fit right in.

Val in AB

hardin1 said...

I have been reading the APQS forum for about 4 weeks now and it seems the Circle Lord products are the ones to have! My Lenni is being delivered tomorrow and the number 1# accessory that i want is the Circle Lord. Your fans are adoring! I know that your products help make so many longarm quilters more confident in their quilting, I hope to be one of them!

Karen in NY

Susan said...


I don't have a Circle Lord, but I would like to get the system so I can quilt quickly and perfectly on my customers' quilts. As a profession longarm quilter, time is money, so if I could produce high-quality, consistent quilting with a CL in a shorter period of time, that would be fabulous!

I quilt on an Innova 18" on a 12' frame.


Westiemom said...

Why would I like to own a Circlelord? I have been longarm quilting since July, 2010 on an APQS Lenni. I have been busy practicing and hope to quilt for customers next year. It is important to me that my quilting services shine. My prospective customers deserve nothing less. The Circlelord products provide an endless amount of quilting possibilities all with the end result of providing professional, beautiful quilting. When searching for a longarm I selected the company I did because of their outstanding customer service and confidence in their products. I would choose Circlelord for these same reasons. Circlelord stands behind their products and strives to provide their customers with top-rate service and new and innovative designs. The best thing of all…Circlelord listens to their customers and works to meet their needs!

Carol Buckalew

Deborah said...

I have been quilting for a little over 6 years with increasing enthusiasm. My creative thoughts flow easily into my piecing but are slowed when I go to my HQ18 Avanté to complete the quilts. Often I cannot quilt the designs I wish to onto my customer’s or my own quilts since I just don’t have the necessary tools to complete the designs. The Circle Lord is the key to letting my creative thoughts appear on each quilt. I am intrigued and amazed by the multiple designs that can be accomplished when the squircles, templates and boards are used separately or combined.
My wish is for a Circle Lord to allow my creativity to freely flow onto the quilts with truly astounding results.

Niagara Peninsula, ON

Joni Lynn said...

I would love to have a circle lord, my husband allowed me to buy a used HQ16 this last spring and so I've been quilting all my tops that I've had sitting around for quite a while. I love to make quilts and now am learning how to quilt them and am having so much fun. I've let 4 teenage girls come and quilt their quilts for the fair and they all did so well. They were scared at first but sure had fun and were so excited to have done it themselves, 3 gor blue ribbons and one got a red. And one of the blues was also a grand champion. She was so excited. I am still in the learning stage, haven't quilted for someone else as a business yet, I'd like to someday, just need to get more comfidence in myself. But I sure do enjoy the quilting, along with the making quilts. This would sure be an asset for learning to do fancier things. Thanks for allowing someone the chance to win something like the circle lord. I know I'd sure like to invest in one someday.

Helene Weber said...

I have been studying about the Circlelord for a while and everything I have learned describes the Circlelord as a tool that will significantly enhance your quilting. I have been quilting for 2 yrs. on a Innova 26" longarm, and do mostly free motion quilting and ruler work. I quilt for customers and therefore I am looking at the Circlelord as a required tool of the trade. This one product offers a repertoire of design versatility and accuracy that can not be accomplished with hand held rulers. Having the Circlelord will expand my creativity into unlimited possibilities. Helene

Valerie Rollins in Canada said...

I've been hearing "Circle Lord" for some time now but never knew what is was or how it worked. Recently I was at the home of a friend who owns a Circle Lord and had the opportunity to try it out. I was amazed. I couldn't believe how easy it was to use and the infinite possibilities to take my own quilting up a notch, or three or more! I definitely wanna Circle Lord!

Anonymous said...

Dear Circle Lord, I am retired and been longarm quilting since 2004. I quilt for myself which comprises of 80% donation quilts and 20% personal quilts. A CL has always been a dream. I have a neurological problem that causes shaking in my hands. I do well on pantos but not on smooth curves such as baptist fans. Small technical quilting just doesn't work. The answer is a CL. I enjoy your website and dream periodically. The work done by quilters with a CL is amazing. I want all I do to be the best. I love piecing and quilting! Thank you for this giveaway. Sincerely Peg, Gammill Glassic Plus.

Sandi said...

I have been looking at the Circle Lord for about 2 years now. Each time I say to myself, you really don't need one. The problem with that is that I would like to have one. I have been quilting for 4 years and do quilts for others. Since I am retired, I only want as many quilts as I can handle without any stress because I had enough of that when I worked. I'm not a free motioner. That is why I have the HQ16 machine with the Pro-Stitcher. I figured with the Circle Lord, I would be able to have more versatility in my quilting for others and myself. If given enough time, I could come up with many reasons to have the Circle Lord. It would be a great addition to the tools I use for quilting. Don't you think so?
Sandi in MT

gsvatek said...

I would love to have a Circle Lord! I have looked at them numerous times and just found out they are now available for the Innova. The designs are so beautiful with your templates. I have been doing long arm quilting for about three years and just recently upgraded to the Innova. I don't do quilting for others yet, but that could change with the Circle Lord. I love the Starz and Ginkgo! I have been following your updates on the user groups and can't wait to try Circle Lord on my Innova!

Ginny in CA

Mich said...

What could I do with a Circle Lord?
I’ve only wanted a long arm machine for about 18 years.
I’ve seen the Circle Lord and it’s beautiful quilts.
Because both of my parents have passed away I was able to
Purchase the Innova 26” head with the 12’ table.
Now I really want the Circle Lord. I like precision quilting and am
NOT a patient student. I think with the Circle Lord I will be
Quilting to my hearts desire within little time.
What a wonderful opportunity you are providing, thank you and
Please consider me for the free
Circle Lord, as far as patterns, who could
Decide between them, all look great!

Quilting_Chris said...

I would really love to win a Circle Lord attachment for my Handiquilter 16. I have admired quilts that have been quilted using the Circle Lord and they look just so wonderful I would like to achieve that same complete look. I have been machine quilting for about 1 and a half years, so I consider myself just a beginner, but I see what can be done with the best tools, which I consider the Circle Lord to be and I am green with envy. I do mostly charity quilts for kids and donation quilts for many organizations, oh and also personal quilts for family and friends. Please, oh please pick me.

Linda Fazulak said...

I have been lusting to purchase a circlelord. Have not had the money but am saving up my pennys. A circlelord would improve my longarm quilt 10 fold. I love the way it works so easily and the templates that can be used. Please pick me because saving one penny at a time will take me along time but it will be worth it.

Lynda Fazulak

appyrottie said...

I have been quilting for 12 years and longarm quilting for 3 years now. I just upgraded my from my previous longarm system to an Innova 26' with Lightning Stitch and now that I have a top of the line system I want a top of the line tool to use with it. I made sure my Innova could work with Circle Lord as an important criteria for purchase. I quilt for others as a business and a Circle Lord system would aid in my quest to give my customers nothing but an extremely professional product. I've looked into the system for the entire time I've been longarming and have heard and read nothing but rave reviews. I've watched online demonstrations and classes and I'm amazed every time at what this versatile system can do. I feel that this would be an incredible asset to my business. Dawn Strong

Chris in Indiana said...

Quilting is my passion, hospital administration is my job. My job does not allow me to spend enough time perfecting my quilting technique. I have been looking at the Circle Lord for about 6 months and would love to win one. Currently I quilt for myself but think this awesome tool would give me the skill and confidence to quilt for others. I have a Gammill Classic Plus. Even if I don't win,when I get my Circle Lord, I will have the most beautiful quilts in this area.

Jeane said...

I would love to have a Circlelord. I have a 2010 26"Innova on a 11' frame and have been quilting for 4 months! LOVE IT! I enjoy being creative and just heard Circlelord is available for Innova owners. I do quilt for myself and others. Each quilt is an adventure in the art of quilting.
Thank you for offering the contest.
Happy Quilting,
Jeane McGill

Reeze Hanson said...

As a professional designer I have worked to develop my piecing and applique skills so that the samples I make have that "WOW" factor. Sadly, my machine quilting skills usually only muster an "OH" rather than a "WOW". When I discovered the increadible versatility and flexibility of the Circle Lord to help me pump up the quality of my machine quilting I was immediately buzzed! Now this is a tool I can use to make my quilting look as good as my piecing and applique. Several longo-armers I know own the Circle Lord and rave about the precision and ease of the CL when executing cross hatching, circles and spirals, and other quilting designs. One look at my fumbling attempts at free motion quilting on my HQ16 evidence my requirement for something to help me gain skill and confidence as a quilter while I execute high quality samples of my work for display and publication. Circle Lord, you are an answer to this quilter's prayer.
Thanks for an opportunity to express how jazzed I am at the possibililty of owning this incredible precision quilting instrument that can make me and my quilting look better.

Reeze Hanson
Morning Glory Designs

Deborah Schultz said...

What best describes a Circle Lord? Hmm, well alot of things do really. First its the best bang for the buck. If you are looking for multiple design oportunities Circle Lord has all the other rulers and templates out there beat. Its innovative and cost effective as it pays you back over and over if you machine quilt as a business. I do not own one myself but have been researching the multitudes of gadgets available for machine quilting and have not found any that will do what Circle Lord will do for you. I have an 18" Innova and while I have only owned her for a few months I have been free hand machine quilting for over 20 years. Now that I have my long arm I don't want to buy just any old tool, I want the best and most effective for my work. A tool that will make myself and my customers happy with the results.I believe a Circle Lord is that tool.
Deborah Schultz
Savanna IL

Gail said...

Oh my, why do I want a Circle Lord? I quilt with an APQS Milli and read their forum almost everyday. The gals and guys there who have the Circle Lord profess to love them and the improvement in the long arm quilting skills. I really really need my skills improved. So far I have only quilted for myself and a couple of friends. I always wanted to be able to quilt and make a little extra money. Need to do that to support my habit. (Quilting that is.) My free hand skills are very lacking. I do pantos and figure going out of the lines is just my style. Perhaps not everyone would agree. So that is my reason for wishing for the Circle Lord. I could stay on the lines and my quilts would look really professional. Gail in Ely MN

Nancy sturgeon said...

Dear Santa,

I know I am a bit early in writing my letter to you, but I wanted to get my plea in early so you have enough time to get this gift on your list for me. After all it is from Canada! All I want for Christmas is a Circle Lord and some of the pattern boards. I have been a really good girl all year. I joined a quilt guild to expand my knowledge and skills and have quilted some charity quilts for a local shop. I have even let some of my friends use my quilting machine.

I am a long arm quilter who has been quilting for about 2 years on my Innova 26 machine—am really a rank beginner—though I try a different quilting pattern on most every quilt. I only quilt for myself and a few friends. Am always reading everything I can find about long arm quilting and quilting in general, and I subscribe to about 5 different quilting groups on line where I have learned much of what I know about quilting on a long arm machine. Whenever, I click on a link to view a quilt that I like, the quilt seems to have been quilted with either the Circle Lord swirls or spirals patterns! I am crazy about those designs—and the others too! Have been craving these boards since I started long arm quilting, but found them hard to justify when I "only" quilt for myself. Have looked at various pantographs for the same designs, but I know they will not be as exciting as the CL ones and will not turn out as beautiful. I have watched all the Circle Lord videos on the web and googled "Circle Lord" to see what people say about it and to see what they have made from the "equipment." Have never come across an unhappy customer. Santa, I REALLY want a swirls board—among others! I dream about that pattern. In my book it is the ultimate circle design to compliment any quilt I would make.

Santa, I know that the design boards are really long, and you might have a difficult time getting them into your sleigh, but maybe if you plan now, you can find room for them. They will slide down my chimney very well! If you send them to me, I promise I will make you a quilt to keep you warm on your journey, and I will quilt more charity quilts next year and the year after that and...

Thank you, Santa.
Your quilting friend,
Nancy Sturgeon, Naperville, IL

Susan Jarsulic said...

I wanna Circle Lord so I can step up my quilting. I have an APQS Millenium and quilt for myself as well as many charity quilts. Thanks!

Borderline Quilter said...

I would love to own a Circle Lord...I've taken all of Deb Levy's classes on MQR to pick up hints and tips, Deb has a great imagination, I never realised that you could do so much with the templates and boards. Now when I look at finished quilts, that look so intricated with quilting designs I thought were way beyond me, I study them more and can pick out little elements that say 'Circle Lord', you've just got to have one. The contestants in the recent circle lord challenge diplayed some wonderful quilts too ...Wow...beautiful. I've just bought my APQS Millennium and imported it into the UK, I thought it was going to be a long while before I could purchase a 'Circle Lord' but with these great discounts who knows, it could be sooner than I think!

Kay in Scotland
Millennium 2010

Amy Mari said...

I have only been long arm quilting for about 10 months. I have a Kenquilt with a 12' frame and am absolutely loving everything I am learning. My 12 year old neice comes to visit and always asks what I am working on and if she can have a turn on it. I have I am only quilting for myself at the present but may venture into other areas later. I have found so many useful tools DVD's and resources online that you just can't have everything. If I had to choose 1 product to get it would definitely be the Circlelord. I see photos of quilts using circlelord and they are beautiful. This is going to be a definite "must have" whether I win or not. It's not a wanna have it, Its "gotta" have it!

Amy Mari,

Kwilt n Deb said...

I have been dreaming of getting a longarm for about 4 years now. Finally, my machine will be assembled on Wed. (9-22). I think I have read every longarm forum on the internet, and one thing I have noticed is the beautiful quilting that you can achieve with the circle lord. I know with practice I can get better but to be able to quilt right from the get go with the circle lord would be amazing. I have heard about all the fantastic customer service that Michael and Kay give. I definitly want a circle lord!

ruth said...

I am half owner of an older millennium. I quilt mostly for myself and a few friends. I enjoy the time spent with Millie, but would like to take the precision to the next level. In using a circle lord I would have the ability to improve my skills and to excel at exceeding expectations. In reviewing others quilts, and posts this is the most sought after tool that has impacted other quilters.

Jackie Aden said...

I experienced the circle lord this past weekend and it was a simply amazing idea/tool. I am anxious to have the tools necessary that will attach to my Milli and then look out the playing will be not stop.

I mostly quilt for myself and I make quilts for the American Hero program, this gives a quilt to the wounded soldiers at Madigan Hospital. I also to a few charity quilts for abused children and then I have 5 children 12 grandchildren who I make quilts for as they each grow.

Lastly I do word of mouth quilting for friends and acquaintances. A circle lord would allow a wider variety of quilting adventures, I so want to be able to simply play and see what wonderful illusions come out.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to experience the Circle Lord products. Sincerely Jacqueline Aden ( Jackie)

Anonymous said...

I would love to win a Circle Lord!! I've only been quilting on my Innova for about a year, but wow! I have done some quilting for others, but with a CL I could do more,,much, much more. And, what a time saver! No more hand drawing the circles and / or feathers.

Nancy in Loveland, CO

Nancy said...

would love to win a Circle Lord!! I've only been quilting on my Innova for about a year, but wow! I have done some quilting for others, but with a CL I could do more,,much, much more. And, what a time saver! No more hand drawing the circles and / or feathers.

Nancy in Loveland, CO

Linda said...

I'm new to the longarm, so I have been researching various tools and templates. The basic Circlelord will help me make perfect circles in all sizes, at 1/8 inch increments, while any given ruler makes only one or two sizes. I'm intrigued by the complex designs that are made possible by the Circlelord.

Linda in Oregon

pirate said...

I've been reading about Circle Lord for quite a while. A longarm quilting friend, whose work I greatly admire, has one and she raves about how it has changed her quilting life.

I'd love to do Baptist Fans properly. I have a Rube Goldberg technique which is cumbersome.

I'd adore doing cross-hatching. My current efforts are less than sterling.

The circular wreath designs? I'd die for them! There is *no* way I could do them right now.

I have a Tin Lizzie 18 and have been quilting steadily for 2 years, mostly for myself but occasionally for others. I keep looking at the Circle Lord but it gets put back on the shelf, as it's just not in our budget. BUT, if I *did* have a Circle Lord, then I could offer some very snazzy designs to clients!

Bernice Ramsay said...

I don't have a Circlelord yet but I am sending my wish list today. Everything I read and see about the Circlelord is wounderful. I would love to make these beautiful designs without robotics and computers. Even though I only have a nolting 14" I still want beautiful quilts.
Bernice Ramsey and the poodle herd

Bernice said...

I want to quilt beautful quilts and with a Circlelord I could. I put so much time into planning and piecing my quilts I want the quilting to be as nice. What a great system without robotic and computers and there is so much more you can do freehand to enhance the Circlelord quilting. What a great idea. I have a Nolting MQA-14 on a Pinnicle frame and I quilt for myself, friends and charity.

Bernice Ramsey-CO

Pat said...

Would love to win a Circle Lord ! I have a new 2010 APQS Freedom SR. After reading many post and visiting the Circle Lord, there is no doubt that my quilting would go to a new level . I want my customers to have top quality quilting designs that the Circle Lord can give to work with . Plus we all want a tool that is fast to set up and easy to use , and that is what I feel I would have with the Circle .
Pat in Mo.

Bette G. Slag said...

I wanna Circle Lord!
(Hum to Huey Lewis & The News song - "I Want a New Drug"))

I wanna new tool, one that lets me do tricks.
One that lets me improvise, and is easy to learn by viewing proud quilters'

I wanna versatile tool, one that lets me create.
One that consistently makes stitching lines smooth so my quilting looks

One that won't make me nervous...wondering what to do.
One that enhances each quilted piece when my stitching is through.

I wanna a new tool - one that does what it should.
One that is accurate, flexible, and easy to use...and works oh so good!
I wanna Circle Lord...
I wanna Circle Lord!

Bette G. Slag Mn.
ABM Innova 26" w/12' ABM frame... purchased March 2010.

I am a longarm beginner. Although I make traditional sized quilts for my family, my main focus is on creating fiber art. A Circle Lord would give me the ability to incorporate perfectly formed swirls, circles, and other
consistent, repetitive, background shapes into my contemporary and
traditional art works.
I wanna Circle Lord!

Debbie said...

No more rulers! No more stencils! Pantographs, maybe but they will no longer be the main choice for my customers once the Circle Lord and all its loyal attachments join my HQ18 Avante to create the polished finished product that beautiful quilt tops so richly deserve to be turned into.
The Circle Lord and it’s support components consolidate so many of the functions of other tools found in the marketplace, that it makes no sense to consider any other product, but the Circle Lord, to allow my ideas to flow onto the quilt tops in an easy stress-free fashion.
I have been quilting for 10 years and have had a hand guided quilting machine for the last 4 years, first a mid-arm and now a long arm.
Circle Lord, please come and join me so we can create beautiful memories together.

Deb Hipple
Beamsville, Ontario, Canada

Donna Reznik said...

Winning a Circle Lord would be a dream come true,
At the top of my favourites, checking often to see what’s new.

Hearts, ovals, and ginko, templates to name a few,
Spirals, feathers and crosshatch, too.

To think of the quilting designs I’d be able to create,
On my brand new Gammill , I am sure you can relate.

Computerizing is not what I want,
It’s the Circle Lord on my Gammill I want to flaunt.

Donna in Winnipeg, MB

Mari said...

I've been quilting with a Lenni for a little over a year and quilt for myself and charity. I dislike using pantographs, but love the regular patterns. I have one set of long Circle Lord boards and would love to have more!

Mari Davidson

Sue Schmidt said...

I am a hobby quilter who has been meandering around on my HQ16 for the past two years. I currently quilt for myself and am ready to take my quilting to the next level. I started looking at stencils and templates and rulers and chalk. The variety is endless. I kept thinking there has to be a better way. I knew I found it when I saw "The Circle Lord".

Some of the Circle Lord templates have multiple designs along with multiple sizes. What a value. I am also impressed with how the base clamps securely in place holding the template steady while the stylus follows the design. No more shaky quilting to rip out. Even adjusting the base to reposition the template on the quilt top looks easy. The Circle Lord is a real winner. I just wish I had thought of it.

The only negative about the Circle Lord is not that "I WANNA CIRCLE LORD" it's that "I WANT IT ALL"

Sue Schmidt

Little Audrey said...

What can I say. I have a friend that has all the gadgets and gidgets when it comes to quilting on her long arm. She could not wait to tell me about the Circle Lords she recently purchased. Blah Blah Blah on and on she goes. Please enough is enough I want some! If only I lived close enough to borrow them ... but allais I don't. Lord knows I'm going broke keeping her for a friend to say nothing of what I have to hide from my husband. In fact I had to quit my job so I could be home to met the UPS delivery man. Seriously the neighbours think I'm having an affair. Shhh must go, I can hear my husband coming ....

Lanne Carr said...

I am a new longarm owner whose creative ideas surpass my current skills. The learning curve takes time; as they say, it needs practice, practice, practice. But the Circlelord System would give me a firm foundation to build on and a consistency of workmanship now to perform designs to embellish my customer’s quilts and do justice to their work and effort. I would love the chance to use this well-designed and straight forward system. It can work miracles on a quilt with fullness issues when needed. Give me a chance to become another Circlelord devoted fan.
Lanne Carr

Karen Bermel said...

My name is Karen Bermel and I have currently have a Circle Lord for my old HQ 16 machine but I upgraded my machine to a Handiquilter Avante. I want a Circle Lord for my new machine! I need to get into more customized quilting and I am not able to do it without help from Circle Lord. I have taken Deb Levy’s classes on the Circle Lord but I need to practice what I learned because I have a couple of quilt tops that require the Circle Lord’s help. I hope to get my new Circle Lord soon.

dquilts2004 said...

Wow! I discovered Circle Lord just in time for this contest and would love to win one and am very excited that it is a Canadian product. My 22" Innova was delivered this past July (upgraded from a 9" Juki & frame which I had owned for 3 years+) and I've been having lots of fun getting acquainted with her. I quilt about 75% for charity and 25% for myself and family. The Circle Lord would open up endless possibilities with my quilting. Thank you.

Diane Dyble

Dale Iovacchini said...

Oh, I would love to win a Circle Lord,and I know my APQS Millie and I would stitch such lovely designs on my custom quilts, the customers "ooooohing" and "awwwing". The longarmmers whom I know, just love their Circle Lords, so I would love to be a part of your family, too. Dale Iovacchini, Ontario

Sue Blackwell, Ontario said...

As an avid, eager follower of the APQS Forum, I have read many posts commending the exceptional service provided by Michael from Circle Lord and of their superb products. Many photos have been posted of quilts which were quilted using Circle Lord templates and boards... all of them beautiful! I have seen the Circle Lord Boards demonstrated and had the opportunity to try them out. I have been long arm quilting for almost two years on my APQS Lenni, quilting primarily my own quilts, and would love to add the Circle Lord System!

Anonymous said...

My name is Vicki Sprain and I quilt for my customers on a Tin Lizzie LS. I have been longarm quilting for 3 1/2 years and in business for 3 years.
When our longarm guild demonstrated what the Circlelord could do on a quilt, I knew the Circlelord had just risen to the top of my wish list! I know from hearing and seeing firsthand that the Circlelord would help me in new and exciting ways to quilt my customer's quilts.
Here is how I would describe a Circlelord:

Thank you!
Vicki Sprain
Surprise, Arizona